• http://www.ophthalmsc.rcsed.ac.uk/msc-overview/
    MSc Overview
    Teaching and content are delivered through the University of Edinburgh's award-winning medical learning environment...
  • http://www.ophthalmsc.rcsed.ac.uk/msc-overview/programme-structure/
    Programme Content
    The MSc signals the trainee's aspiration to specialise in ophthalmology and supports their professional accreditaion by contributing to learning for the FRCOphth and FRCSEd exams..
  • http://www.ophthalmsc.rcsed.ac.uk/eligibility-criteria/
    Eligibility Criteria
    The MSc is aimed at optometrists who wish to enhance their knowledge and medical trainees who aspire to specialise in ophthalmology...
  • Scholarships & Prizes
    Scholarships & Prizes
    The Surgical Distance Learning Programmes offer a broad range of Scholarships, which range in their value and eligibility criteria...
  • Apply for 2018
    Apply for 2018
    If you would like to apply for September 2018 entry, please visit this application link...